On Full Disclosure

This posting on Friday night thing, it’s got to stop. Which means I need to be prepared ahead of time, because the Catbird’s “be in school at 7 on Fridays” isn’t stopping anytime soon (and I know, as much as I grumble, I’ll miss it next year when she’s in college). I just don’t like […]

Someone Help Me!

I haven’t been able to get Mason’s Children out of my head since Friday! Maybe that explains why I was in such a low mood yesterday. I need an earworm. Nothing really for me to say or do today. My organization sponsored a five mile hike (round trip) to a bog on top of a […]

Mason’s Children

First order of business: if you have a query that needs critting, get thee on over to Agent Carrie’s blog, where you could get your query critted by an agent who knows her stuff, AND you could get your first 100 pages critted. Go, go! Now on to the matter at hand. If you don’t […]

Monday? Monday.

Wow, here it is, Monday already and I feel like I just did this. That’s what happens when you get off schedule, I guess. This will be one of those disorganized posts, random collections of musings and all that sort of stuff. -I’m need of more coffee right about now. -Was back at my writing […]

Hope in Rejection

A day + late, shame on me. Knowing my schedule was going to be bad this week, I had this post *mostly* written out by Thursday, but my organization’s board meeting on Thursday kept me out late, and then I had to deal with a dead cat and having to tell my child about said […]

Hannibal Says

“Quid pro quo, Clarice–comment on my blog, I’ll comment on yours.” Doesn’t social media feel this way sometimes? Someone has just left a comment on your blog; a new person has just signed on as a follower–what next? Well, the way a lot of people see it, you should just jump on over to their […]

And that’s about all there is to say right now.

Weekend Update

The problem with taking time off of work is having to go back when it’s over. Out of the last two weeks I’ve spent a whopping total of 4 days in the office, and now, like the kids heading back to school after a 2-week Christmas holiday, I’m facing the prospects of a fairly long […]

Ringing In The New

I remember my first New Year’s Eve party. Rather, I remember the idea of it more than the actual event. I was in either ninth or tenth grade and a friend of mine had a bunch of us over for a party, and it was a sleepover, too. There were no parents that I remember, […]