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Someone Help Me!

I haven’t been able to get Mason’s Children out of my head since Friday! Maybe that explains why I was in such a low mood yesterday. I need an earworm.

Nothing really for me to say or do today. My organization sponsored a five mile hike (round trip) to a bog on top of a hill–it was about a 400-foot change in elevation, not terribly steep, and only through about 3-4 inches of snow, but it was a workout–which kind of wiped me out. Sad to say I’m not as young as I used to be, so I was really feeling it yesterday. It turned into a day of doing nothing, but my manuscript was floating around my head like an irritating fly, buzzing in my ear. I just didn’t have it in me yesterday, though., and I even skipped out on my writer’s group (and, when you get right down to it, I’m kind of skipping out on this blog today, too–I’m slacking all around!)Well, today’s a whole new day, hopefully I’ll be able to get some good work in on it tonight. I’ve been pretty pleased with how it’s going so far.

Looks like my friends down on the Island are about to get slammed with a couple of feet of snow. We’re on the fringe of the storm, which could drop 3-7″ of white stuff on us. Some of you are likely in the “Blizzard Warning” zone–be careful out there.

That’s all I got for today. I hope you had a good weekend. Now, what about those song suggestions?

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  1. I need to slack off for a bit – getting a little too full around here!
    A couple of feet of snow in such a short time can be very scary – hope everyone stays safe.

  2. Sometimes you just have to do that. My challenge is that I think and think and think and then when it comes time to sit down and do something my thinking takes a nap. Very frustrating!

  3. Sorry, I can't help with the song. I'm listening to my iPod and it's hard to think of songs OTHER than the one currently playing.

    Hope you don't get much snow. We only got about 1-2", so not so bad. I just hate shoveling it. And I have to shovel it, or it'll turn to ice and I don't want to slide down the driveway to get my mail! 🙂

  4. -Jemi–storm was very light here, now it's just cold. Slack away!

    -Donna–Despite my whining around here, I'm getting pretty good at figuring out when I need to do it, and that it's not necessarily a bad thing. It can be frustrating, though, especially when I feel like I really should be working.

    -Stacy–Well, what's currently playing?

  5. Not sure if my other comment made it thought (answered on a different internet browser–oops). Anyway, I was listening to Redemption Day by Sheryl Crow when I wrote the comment! 🙂

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