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Bună zuia!

Earlier this week, I opened up my blogger dashboard and found this:

This, of course, is how I reacted:

Of course, I’ll admit I’ve just been looking for an excuse to put Stevie back up here, but it was pretty much my honest reaction. When I dug a little deeper into those stats, I found another surprise:

Last time something like this happened, it was Latvia. This time, Romania. Why? Who knows? The funny thing is, not all that long ago I referenced Nadia Comăneci–remember her?–in the project I’m working on. Comăneci, of course, was the first gymnast to score 10s in Olympic competition, back in 1976 in Montreal (for pop culture reference, that’s also the Olympics where the world first heard of Bruce Jenner). Anyway, I can’t explain the sudden influx of Romanian page views, but to you I say “Bună zuia! Good day!”

Other notes: this month, incredibly, is over. Well, tomorrow, anyway. It’s gone fast, but also very slow (but I promise, I won’t complain about the weather). The temperature is supposed to get to around 30 or so this weekend, which will be very nice. Maybe I’ll be able to dig out my mailbox a bit so my mailman can actually deliver my mail.

-The Catbird, I am pleased to say, received her first college acceptance letter last week–whee! Here’s hoping for more so she can get this waiting part out of the way.

-The Magpie seems to have decided that blogging about her experiences in Japan is not for her, since she hasn’t updated since December 6. She is now more than halfway through her time time there and is still loving it.

-My plan to have my current project in the hands of betas by month’s end looks to be thwarted. I’ve made great progress and cut the manuscript back by around 6,000 words so far, but I have a fundamental problem with timeline that I don’t know if I can shake so easily. Grrr.

-I think that’s all. Have a nice weekend–and to my Romanian friends, “Vehicolul meu pe pernă de aer e plin cu ṭipari!

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  1. I have spikes like that from time to time. Last one was from Germany, and the one before was 160 from Russia. I put this down to a post I done a few weeks back comparing Russia to Mordor in Middle Earth. Then when the stats in Ukraine started climbing I was starting to worry. But they dropped off so all is good now 🙂

  2. I like how you think 30 is good weather! Haha! I'll be sooooo glad when it finally gets ABOVE freezing. Wonder when that'll be? Today's high is supposed to be 17. Brrrr.

  3. Yeah, I love those huge pageview spikes from around the world. I always picture them as a spam bot army laying siege to my blogging fortress. They shall not pass!! Ha. Actually, since I've not been blogging lately, I've had almost zero spam in my email inbox. Coincidence? I hope so. 🙂

  4. I've noticed spikes on a few of my posts from certain countries. I seem to get a lot from Russia. I'm glad your daughters are both doing well. I can't remember what your WIP's about, but I love horror and if you ever need a critter for any horror, feel free to ask. 🙂

  5. I had a spike of 330 around the same time as you and from the same country. They are bots, usually the email harvesting type, but sometimes content. So don't be surprised if some Romanian website is suddenly full of content written by someone who sounds a lot like you.

  6. Yeah, the bots are out in force, I guess. Why me, and why Romania? Who knows. Strange stuff. Thanks for the comments, all, and thanks, L.G., for that particular imagery–stand fast!

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