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Weekend Upate

Not much to say today, which seems to be par for the course lately.Sleeping half the day on Friday helped a lot with whatever ailed me then, though now it’s Monday morning, so it’s back.

Good news over the weekend: saw my first turkey vultures of the year! Always a nice sign of spring to me! Given the amount of roadkill being uncovered by the snow melt, I’m guessing they’ll have a lot to eat for a while.

The Catbird got word last week that she was accepted into her college of first choice–woohoo! Now we chew our fingernails hoping for a generous financial aid package.

The WiP gets ever closer to ‘complete’ status. I’ve been focusing on the timeline of one character in particular right now and I think I’ve got it pretty well solved. Maybe, just maybe it will be complete this week.

The Magpie continues to thrive in Japan. It’s hard to believe she’s more than halfway done at this point.

That’s about it for me. The weekend went by too fast–how are you all doing?

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  1. The time difference is the toughest when our kids lives on the other side of the words. Between when they're asleep and we're asleep it takes some coordination to chat. But it beats snail mail. 🙂 Congrats to your daughter on her college acceptance. Does that mean you'll be empty nesters?

  2. I've noticed the birds have gotten noisier. Spring is here! Heck, it's supposed to get up to near 70 today, only to fall into the 40s tomorrow–bummer. Yeah, spring is here all right. 🙂

  3. Good news on the college front!
    Spring is slowly arriving – had a raccoon out and about in the yard the other day and the snow is definitely melting. 🙂

  4. -Donna-yes, we'll be empty nesters. I try not to think too much about it! The one good thing about DST is it knocks the time difference with Japan back down to 13 hours. We Skype with the Magpie on Sunday morning. 9 a.m. for us is 11 p.m. for her.
    -Stacy-we're going to be up and down this week, supposedly back into the single digits tonight. Yuck. Birds have definitely gotten noisy again. Yay!
    -Jemi-we don't seem to have a whole lot of raccoons in these parts, but the deer are on the move again, which makes night driving dangerous.
    -L.G.-congrats to your son, and cheers for getting his first choice!

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