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Weekend Update

Greetings, all. This will likely be a short post today.

-Big news for me, one of my betas sent me back my latest last night. Funny how it is, she made two very raving (in a good way) comments on Facebook over the last couple of weeks, and the first line of the e-mail (which is visible in the subject line) starts with “I absolutely love TITLE”–but I still haven’t read it. My wife doesn’t understand how I can let these things sit. I am a ripper when it comes to removing Band-Aids, but not when it comes to stuff like this. We’ve been over this ground before. I always have to work up to stuff like this.

-This weekend, my organization ran an Earth Day-related event. It was very well attended and seemed quite popular. When we were walking out the door on Saturday morning, it was breezy and cold, and a few very tiny bits of snow were seen flying around. That kind of weather actually helps attendance, I think. In April and May around here, if the weekend weather is halfway decent, folks are out doing around-the-house work on gardens, lawns, the house. Yesterday ended up being sunny and somewhere around 60. Very nice to have that kind of day finally.

-At the event, I received a very nice compliment from a woman about the series of occasional columns I’ve had in our local paper. It’s always great to hear something like that.

-Because I’m always behind on these things, I finally started watching The Walking Dead last week. I had seen the first two episodes when it first aired, but lost track of it and let it go. Gruesome stuff, but pretty good overall, I’d say. The question is always, “Can they keep it up?” (In this case, I guess it’s more, “Did they keep it up?”)

-The Bruins pulled a colossal fail and missed the playoffs, as they dropped their final three games of the season. All year long, even when they had dropped out of a playoff spot, I thought, “They’ll be fine, they’ll make it.” But heading into those final three games, I was less sure. The Bruins had just won five straight games, and the last time they did that (March 7-14), it was followed by six game losing streak. They had also lost six straight in mid-February, so there was a pattern there. We’ll see whether the coaching and management staff pays with their heads. I’m not so sure they should, but professional sports has become very much a “What have you done for me lately?” industry, and few are afforded a down year like this one.

And I think that’s about all I’ve got to say this morning. How was your weekend?

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  1. As a Leafs fan, I feel your pain – and we've already seen lots of heads rolling!
    We had some great weather over the weekend too – so nice to be outside!
    I work up to crits too – good luck digging in 🙂

  2. Open that email! But, yes, I get it. I always hesitate before opening feedback emails too. Gotta get the mind in the right zen-zone first. 🙂

    Also, I couldn't watch Walking Dead. Too gruesome for me. And I'm not opposed to violence in movies/shows much at all usually.

  3. Open the e-mail! For me, it's the ones that don't say ANYTHING encouraging (or discouraging) in the subject line that causes me to hesitate. But if it said "I absolutely love"? Yeah, that sucker's getting opened FIRST!

    This weekend we celebrated my daughter's birthday at the Cheesecake Factory AND met my son's girlfriend. I'm so happy (HAPPY) he's dating, and she's really nice too. So yeah, I had a pretty good weekend (the Penguins making the playoffs also helped). 🙂

  4. Haha I've watched one episode of Walking Dead. Left him stranded in downtown Atlanta in a tank, surrounded by zombies. Hubby's got such a tender heart he was ready to stop watching as soon as the main guy shot the little girl zombie while the opening credits were playing.

    It's always a good sign when someone LOVES your book.

  5. I procrastinate opening those emails too. I still find it slightly odd that someone is reading my stuff at all, let alone leaving detailed comments. So I have to prepare myself!

  6. Bah. Earlier in the week, I crafted individual responses, then my computer crashed. The e-mail was fine–lots of good observations/insights that have led to some good ideas for improving the work. Thanks, all!

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