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Is it me or does it feel like social media–that great, wonderful tool that is supposed to bring us all together–is becoming more and more divisive?

Maybe it is me. Maybe I just don’t like people screaming their political beliefs at me (particularly when they don’t jibe with my own, hah ha), or trying to get me to “guilt share” some image or message or status. “Share this if you support…” with the implication being that I’m anti-American or anti-cop or anti-equality or anti-choice or anti-life or anti-feminist if I don’t do it. Don’t tell me what I am just because I didn’t change my profile picture to support your cause, or because I didn’t share a status or image or do the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Rant over. Damn, I’m feeling like some cranky old man. Here’s some depressing (but incredible) Pink Floyd to cap this post off a on a real cheery note!

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  1. Puh. I just keep on scrolling. LOL. I refuse to feel guilted into anything. Although I have had to pull back on how much I am on social media just because it's become really irritating. I can't go down my newsfeed on FB without having my senses assaulted by some awful, graphic image or news story. It used to be fun, seeing what my friends and family who live far away from me were doing, but now it's just 4% interesting and 96% annoying. LOL.

  2. Yes. Thank you. About time someone told the truth. Almost daily I find things that make me want to rant. Why do idiots see things only in black & white? And they're rabid about defending their pov. And what's up with people who post things like, "I've had a terrible day. Betrayal is the worst" or "My family tells me I'll never make it in writing. Should I quit?" They dangle this tidbit out there so people will flock to them and ask them what happened and then sympathize. I just scroll on by little whiners like that.

    Whew! Rant over and I feel better. Have a great weekend, Jeff! 🙂

  3. -LIsa–the problem is, I can't seem to help myself. It's like looking at an accident scene or someone who's been pulled over by the troopers on the highway–you tell yourself not to look, and you feel crappy for doing it, but you just can't seem to stop!
    -Lexa–you're always welcome to rant here. And, yeah, those other kinds of posts are just sort of weird, aren't they? I don't react to them very well.

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