And Now We’re Empty

One week ago today we left home to take the Magpie to her penultimate semester at college (no telling if next year we’ll be taking her to grad school, but I seriously doubt it). This was an easy trip, as her campus is a little over an hour away, and easy also because by this […]

Droning On and On

When I was a kid, one of the coolest things anyone could get was a free-flying, radio controlled (RC) airplane. No one I knew had one, but I recall one of my friends was building a model airplane (one of those made out of a forest of balsa wood, covered in tissue paper) that he […]

Monday Musing, Full Nest Edition

Well, it’s been a while. When I posted last, I kind of thought I’d be back last week, but time and circumstance worked against me. It was rather low on my priority list during the week. The big news is we picked up the Magpie at JFK airport on 8/7. After almost a full year […]