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Weekend Update

Good morning! Disorganized rambling from me today….

-Went to visit the triplet nieces this weekend. They turned four a week ago. Last time I saw them (1-1/2 years ago) they pretty much ignored me. By the end of that weekend, I think I was able to sit on the floor and have them play around me, but they didn’t play with me, they didn’t pay any attention to me at all. This time? Whoo, boy, I’m exhausted, especially after doing a couple of sessions as Uncle Jungle Gym. What a lot of fun!

-We were visiting about 4.5 hours south of here. What a difference it makes in the weather! We are past peak here in terms of foliage, had two brief snow squalls on the 17th and 18th, and woke up today to 25 degrees or so. Down there, foliage is just coming to peak, which made for a  beautiful drive. When we left yesterday afternoon, it was sunny and warm and felt like it was in the 60s. Yes, I’m a trifle jealous!

-I didn’t realize Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight…update? was coming out so soon. When I read about it, just a week or two ago, I figured it was due out next year. I’m not sure how I feel about this. The cynic in me says it’s the quick grab for cash, or the mark of someone who’s shot her authorial load. Here’s something of a review from the folks over at Operation Awesome. I should note here that I’ve tried never to be one of those people who bashes Meyer for her books. I confess I read–and enjoyed–Twilight, even while recognizing some of its shortcomings in writing and what constitutes a healthy relationship (however, I will also suggest it’s potentially less damaging than some would make it out to be–it’s a fantasy, for God’s sakes. More on that some other time, perhaps.). The fact is the woman told a story and she told it pretty well, and she tapped into something that people obviously needed. Kudos to her! Anyway, I may read this book some day, just to see what it’s like, I don’t know.

-I missed two days of work last week because of a bad cold (oh, it was bad), then was out Friday to travel for the weekend. I’m not so sure I’m going to be able handling being in the office all week!

-Time to get really, really serious about my current manuscript, which feels like it wants to wither on the vine. Or like I want to spray Roundup all over it and kill it. Maybe I need to go back and read last week’s post about what I write and see if I need a refocus.

-I don’t think I’ve posted this video before. Really like the sound of this band, or at least this song.

-That’s it for me–how are you all?

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  1. Isn't that song from The Blues Brothers? I recognize it but not this version, I think. I do like it, though. Thanks for sharing!

    Feels like I've been traveling forever. Looking forward to a quiet week at home and hope to get my novella finished. At least I don't have to worry about next week, though, if by some chance I don't get the story written. But I will. I better! Or I'll kick my own butt. 🙂

  2. We're past our leaf peak too – most of the leaves off our trees in the yard are gone. We had pretty thick frost on the cars this morning which made me sad 🙂
    Hope your cold is better!

  3. Correction – I guess there was a REASON I recognized that song. It gets played on AltNation on Sirius XM. I heard it this morning and went "D'oh!" 🙂 Still sounds like something from the Blues Brothers, though.

  4. Stacy–it does have a bit of a Blues Brothers vibe, doesn't it? Hope you're enjoying your week at home!

    Jemi–I'm feeling much better, thanks. We've also warmed up a little here the last couple of days. Though we're past peak, it's still pretty!

  5. Whoaaaa, I get tired just THINKING of a SINGLE child, I can't imagine what letting triplets use me as a jungle gym must be like. Sounds like you had a lovely drive, I always enjoy noting the difference in weather and what nature is doing from one place to another as I travel. Did you get any nice pictures?

    I remember years ago when Twilight was still newly popular, Meyer was staring to rewrite it from Edward's point of view, but someone hacked into her computer and leaked what she'd written so far on the internet. My understanding was that she decided not to write it because of that. Is that what this new thing she's writing is? She's decided to go with the story from Edward's P.O.V? In which case, my inner cynic is with yours. Perhaps keeping up with E.L James after the release of Grey (Fifty Shades retold by Christian)?

    Hope you're recovering from your cold! Sometimes they hit real hard and knock you right down, huh? Good luck with getting back into your current manuscript and be well.

  6. What a lot of news! It's great to hear you enjoyed your trip south and had fun with the triplets, and thank goodness your cold is over. I've been spinning my wheels with my WIP, too. It's hard to stay motivated after working on it for so long. Good luck to us both! 🙂

  7. -Bonnee–this is not the "Edward POV" book. This is the "Every character in the book has had their gender reversed except for Bella-now-Beau's father, Charlie, who is still a guy named Charlie." Will it seem any less creepy now that it's a girl sitting in the corner of the bedroom watching her beloved sleep? I don't know, and it's going to be a while before I find out. *IF* I find out.

    -Lexa–I'm happy to say I actually sketched out some ideas this morning before work and am putting more flesh on it this evening. Hopefully, I'm getting over the hump. And hopefully you are, too! Hang in there!

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