Where am I? Who am I? It was a great weekend, don’t get me wrong, but it ended as it began on Tuesday (though that wasn’t the beginning of my weekend; I had to work on Wednesday), with ten hours of driving to collect two little birds from two different college campuses. The good thing […]

Monday Musing

Part I: Teaching an Old Dog a New Tick As you may know from reading this blog, in what has shockingly-become my distant past, I used to live here: How many times can I possibly use this picture? “Here” was in a 1600-acre state park on Long Island’s north shore, a wonderland of woods and […]

On Retaliation

NOTE: I’m stepping into a potentially dangerous zone of commentary here. The easy thing to do is to hit back. The 2011 Stanley Cup final was a brutal affair that made for great television and drama, even as it threatened to set hockey back 20 years. There was an unpunished incident of one player biting […]


Folks, it’s time for another entry in the query critique over at Carrie Pestritto’s blog. Check it out, help a fellow writer out! That’s it for me, I really got nothing else this week. I started a post this morning but never got anywhere, then all day at work ideas were floating around but now […]

The NaNo Train is Rolling

And I’m not on it. Again. As it turns out, given the way my yearly writing calendar works (not that I really have one), I don’t always seem to have a draft to produce when November rolls around. This year, I fully expected to either be A) somewhere in the publication process for one of […]