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The NaNo Train is Rolling

And I’m not on it. Again. As it turns out, given the way my yearly writing calendar works (not that I really have one), I don’t always seem to have a draft to produce when November rolls around. This year, I fully expected to either be A) somewhere in the publication process for one of my completed projects or B) somewhere closes to wrapping up the drafting process of a new, new project, while C) the project I completed my first draft of last spring was either on submission or getting a final fine tuning before going on submission somewhere around the end of the year or early the next.

Man plans, and God disposes, as they say, and my plans are completely feshittled. In the case of being on submission, there’s really no news since the last time I broke the “What happens on submission &c.” rule, so, sadly, I’m not in the publication pipeline. As for B, unfortunately, C has gotten in the way. Regrettably, I’m not near to fine-tuning that manuscript. It’s proven more difficult than expected, and while I’ve seen some good progress in the last few days (Saturday and Sunday were both very good for me; I think I may be turning into a morning person), there’s still a long way to go. I also have not really learned how to be a person who can really write two projects at the same time.

What it comes down to is that there is no NaNo for me this year, but that’s OK. Maybe I’ll be able to finish this mule of a manuscript once and for all. I do suspect this is at least partly responsible for my extra-cranky blog posts over the last couple of months. I’m working on getting out of that funk.

How about you? Are you on the NaNo train this year?

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  1. I tossed the NaNo idea around – and even with a late start haven't said a final no. I'm on a new manuscript so it would be perfect timing. I'm with you on two projects – too much. Keep pushing on that mule – it will look like a sleek thoroughbred soon enough.

  2. Have you ever tried Camp NaNo? They have one in the spring and another in the summer. Some months are just better for this than others. We all just keep plugging away, right?

  3. -Ryshia–If you have a new manuscript, I'm curious why you haven't jumped on board–unless maybe the NaNo thing just isn't your style? (which is fine; plenty of people don't like it) I hope I will get to the thoroughbred stage soon. Thanks for commenting!

    -Donna–You know, I think I'm just too darn dogmatic–NaNo is NaNo! It's not JuNo! Plug away, plug away, that's all we can do. Thanks for stopping in!

  4. Sorry the subs haven't got you a contract yet. I have CPs and friends who are also on sub, or coming off sub and revising wildly before a new round. It's tough. I also can't write two projects at once, plus, the longer one takes (I just passed 1 year on my current WIP) the more grumpy & depressed I get. I'm trying to plan novellas now because I just can't take working on something for over a year (especially when the payoff is so disappointing). Wishing you good revising days and progress!

  5. We have the best laid plans but they so often get feshittled. (Thanks for that word, it's a good one!) You really have to put everything else aside for NaNo and a manuscript that's as stubborn as a mule is very distracting. Here's hoping you get it tamed soon.

  6. -Lexa–I think my grumpy factor is less about how long I've been working on the project and more about HOW I think it's going. Two weeks ago I was kind of on a high because it seemed like I'd gotten unstuck. Now? Heh. Best to you on your current project!
    -Nick–I don't remember when I came across that word–it was a long time ago, but it seemed appropriate!

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