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How Do I Work This?

Going back to work after a long layoff is tough, isn’t it? I was last in the office on Monday; Tuesday was travel day to pick up the Catbird (about 9 hours of driving round trip, plus having to eat, plus she had one last class so we had to find some errands to do for an hour and a half, made for a long day). I had given myself the option of going in on Wednesday, but decided to skip it: there was plenty to do around here, I was tired, and I did not expect a whole lot to happen anyway. I have been in the office the day before Thanksgiving; nothing ever happens. Thursday and Friday for the holiday, then the weekend, and now? Wow, I really don’t want to go in today!

Strangely, that’s about how I feel about blogging today, too. While on the road yesterday, I thought about this post off and on; but now that I’m sitting down, drinking my coffee, trying to psyche myself up for the day, I feel like it’s been far longer than a week since my last post. I feel like I’ve completely forgotten how to do this (maybe I never knew!). Holidays can do that, I guess.

Despite all the driving, we had a real nice time, and it was good to have the Catbird home for a few days, was nice to hear her and the Magpie being silly together. Nice, also, to know that we get to do the trip again in about three weeks, and that she’ll be home for a month this time. We were fortunate that we caught a break: From Saturday through Monday evening, we ended up with about 8 inches of snow here; on Tuesday, the roads were (mostly) free of slop and slip, and once we traveled about 30 miles east, we found that there had been little to no snow, which made for good travel. Hopefully, we’ll catch a similar break in December.

The RiP progressed nicely. I had hoped to be sending it back off to Agent Carrie this morning, but I fear it’s not quite there. I have one small (I hope) portion of a chapter that I’m writing fresh to insert; three pages, give or take, but it’s not quite there, frustratingly close. I spent a lot of time on it over the long holiday weekend. Not much time to do anything with it this morning, but maybe I’ll be fresher later. After I hook up one of these bad boys:

That’s all I got for today; how are you all?

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  1. My birthday is tomorrow so I'm good. Had some Black Friday fun last week and glad to be in Jamaica where there is none of the shopping madness the U.S. suffers from. Keep working that Rip Jeff and enjoy time with your kids.

  2. Sounds like a great family time for you all!
    I'm struggling to get a rewrite progressing. I've got great feedback to incorporate and I'm looking forward to it, but life isn't giving me the chance at the moment!!

  3. Holidays mess me up all the time and I don't work outside the house! Today was the first day since Wednesday that I actually spent quality time working on my revisions.

  4. -Hope you had a good birthday, Sheena-kay!
    -Jemi-indeed, it was. I hope life starts cooperating soon!
    -Stacy-There's so much disruption, it's hard to get anything done. I hope your revisions go well!

  5. Despite you being conflicted about writing this post, you seemed chipper, coherent and funny to me! I'm so glad you had a good holiday with your family and that the RIP is so closed to being done. Have a good weekend!

  6. Thanks, Lexa! I tell you what, by mid-week I was a wreck and a ruin, though I was riding on a train bound for Flu-town, but I'm much better now. Enjoy your weekend, too!

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