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Musical Monday: The Clash

Annnnd here we are again. I have the day off, I’ve spent the last two plus hours working on this damn resolution post, and I’ve decided it’s time to pull the plug on it yet again, because I have other things I want to work on today–like the WiP. I suspect part of my problem is that some of the post will look a bit like trashing another writer, which I am loathe to do, because a) who am I? and b) I just don’t like to trash anything. Instead, we get another fluff post about the weekend and a little bit of music.

Writing: The WiP is progressing. Currently around 130 pages and 35K words, I like where it’s going. I did slow down a bit at the end of last week, as I was not feeling well, but did have a good day yesterday.

Weekend: Took the long drive to bring The Catbird back to college on Saturday, she starts classes today (no MLK day for her!). We enjoyed having her home, and the house is very quiet, despite the fact she’s a quiet kid. Spring break is only eight weeks away!

Parental boasting time: The Catbird nailed her second straight semester of straight A’s. I think first semester freshman year she got one B+ or A-, so she’s rocking a pretty damn good GPA. The Magpie finished her own four years with something like a 3.98 GPA. Smart kids!

Weather: We’re riding a roller coaster for January. First week was kind of warm; then it got kind of cold; now it’s kind of warm again. We had really heavy rain and 50 degrees last Thursday, so pretty much all the snow is gone.

Music: I’m gonna go all hipster here and say I liked The Clash before it was cool (i.e., before “Rock the Casbah” and “Should I Stay or Should I Go” were big hits). This song, from their excellent London Calling album, actually helped me answer a Trivial Pursuit question many years ago!

That’s it for me for now. What’s going on with all of you?

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  1. Last week was BUSY, so I didn't get all the writing done that I wanted. But I did complete a major project (to me) in the house. Breaking it up into 5 tasks sure made it easier, but by Friday, I wasn't sure I could finish (because it ended up being the worst). But I did and glad for it. Now I need a break! Haha!

  2. If you call this fluff I have news for you… Nice post Jeff. Kids doing well is always great and all the best in writing. Sorry about the seesaw weather you're having.

  3. The Clash were always cool, I think. London Calling is the only album of theirs I have, but it's a good one! Glad the writing is going well and congrats to the Catbird!

  4. -Donna–since when is 30s warm weather? Oh, right, this is winter! And it is very satisfying to see kids succeeding.
    -Stacy–sounds like you need–a writing break!
    -Sheena-kay–thanks! Eventually, I will aim to get something finished that's a little more writing related, though.
    -Nick–My brother had a couple of their earlier albums. I remember wanting to buy Sandanistas when it came out, but it was a triple album, thus too expensive for me. London Calling is still really good after all these years (and that's not just nostalgia talking).
    Thanks, all!

  5. Crazy weather is doing my head in this month as well, except there's no 'kind of' hot or cold, it's just literally went from top of 38 one day to top of 21 the next day (in Celsius … which I think translates to Fahrenheit as roughtly 100 and 70).

    Well done with your WiP progress and to Catbird for her awesome grades!

  6. How great you got another weekend with your daughter! (I hope she's not the wild Florida spring break type.) Straight A's is great! Good luck with your WIP and have a great weekend! 🙂

  7. -Bonnee–while 70 is hardly cold, those kind of thirty degree drops can play havoc with mind and body. We are back above freezing with more rain.

    -Lexa–Uh, no, neither of them are the wild, Florida-spring-break type. Thanks, you, too!

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