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The Doubting Writer Finds His Voice

Yeah, about that…

Hey, remember this? J.K. Rowling wrote it in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:

Well, I think those times are here.

Throughout the primary and campaign season, our President bashed America up and down, calling it a Third World country because the airports are crap, and you can’t walk through a city without getting shot, and on and on and on. Well, as I look around the news today, I see a President signing Executive Orders that might actually be illegal; staff at some federal agencies “going rogue” on social media in an effort to keep actual facts and information flowing; other federal agencies ignoring rulings from the courts. The President is churning out Executive Orders that do not appear to have been given any thought at all, acting less like any President we’ve had and more like a Middle Ages monarch. In other words, we’re starting to resemble the Third World Countries he was likening us to on the campaign trail.

But hey! The market is up!

Oh, damn.

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  1. Donna, Bonnee, and everyone else: And I am sorry for continuing to come back to this topic, but it's like having a loose tooth or a cavity that you can't help but poke at with your tongue. Thanks for sticking around and continuing to read and comment.

  2. I knew it would be bad, but I didn't think it would get this bad this fast. I'm guessing that like an alcoholic, we're going to hit rock bottom before the anger grows so fierce that things change.

  3. -Lexa–allow me to quote comedian John Oliver (and this was a week before the election: "If you look up now, you will see absolutely nothing. We have burrowed through, not just rock bottom, but through the core of the earth and we’ve come bursting out the other side, startling kangaroos. And we’re currently hurtling toward outer space where there is no up, down, light or darkness – just an endless void…."

  4. I think about the only thing funny in this is watching Sean Spicer try to get through his press briefings without having a stroke. And even that's not funny when you think of the BS coming out of his mouth on a regular basis.

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