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Spring Break

When I wasin college, spring break was Fort Lauderdale, maybe Daytona. That was where everyone wanted to go, to get away from the grind of campus and the pressure of mid-terms, papers and projects. All anyone wanted was a few days to relax in the sun, kick back for a few days, enjoy the ocean and the beach…..

These guys look like they just realized they spent a week drunk in a hotel room and missed out on all the babes!

…or not.

My spring breaks were always spent on Long Island, U.S.A. I never really had the money to go down to Florida for the week-long debauch, but I had friends who did, friends who had a great time down there–what they could remember of it, anyway. Was I deprived? Maybe. Maybe, like New Year’s Eve in Times Square (something else I haven’t done, though I did spend on memorable one in the Quincy Marketplace in Boston, so that’s kind of the same, right?), perhaps Spring Break is something everyone should do once–although I do wonder how many young lives are ruined by their experience, and I’m secretly (now, not so secretly, I guess) glad that neither of my girls has jetted off to Florida or Cancun or wherever Spring Break occurs these days.

This and That

WE picked up the Catbird from school on Friday and had a marathon day of driving there and back again. Though we keep vowing that she should take the bus, we never actually make her do it (maybe this weekend….). It’s nice to have her home again, even for just a week.

OVER the weekend, I managed to add about 5600 words to the WiP–I’m not quite sure how I managed that, but I did. No progress on the RiP, though. Maybe I should change it to the RiS, as in “Revision in Stasis”….

THE continued actions of the Trump Administration and the GOP majority in Congress should make it clear to all by now that their motto is “Business uber alles.” Anything that filters on down here to the rest of us is just a bonus.


The winter storm watch is now a winter storm warning. Twelve to eighteen inches possible. Good thing the Catbird is home to help shovel!

That’s it for me; how are you?


7 Responses

  1. I went straight from high school into the Army, so never experienced spring break. By the time I actually attended college full-time, I was 30 with 2 kids. And living in Alabama. Florida wasn't that far away, but by then I was older, and smarter! 🙂

  2. That sort of age, experience, and responsibility will tend to put the brakes on those sort of shenanigans, I think–unless maybe you're Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School!

  3. At my day job we are a passport acceptance agency, and February and March are our busiest months of the year–all because of the Spring Break travel. And this year is a record year!

  4. I never wanted to go to FL on Spring break. I figured I wouldn't fit in – I'd rather stay home, read and relax. And I don't like crowds so typical touristy things are out. Things are always better, safer, more visible on TV anyway. Yay for your WIP but sorry about your RIP. Even if it's a long drive, please go pick up your daughter. College kids are a bit more naive than they think and can get into trouble unintentionally. (Goodness knows I did!)

  5. We don't have spring break the same way in the UK. I guess the nearest thing would be groups of young guys and girls heading off to Kavos and various other Mediterranean islands and getting wasted for a week – but a lot of them won't be at college. Was never attractive to me anyway! Glad we seem to be past the snow here. Stay safe with the storm. Congrats on the impressive wordcount!

  6. Hope the storm wasn't as bad as expected!
    Spring Break wasn't a thing in my area growing up, but it's become one now. i've heard a few too many scary stories!

  7. -Lexa–we picked her up–and dropped her off (yesterday). Lotta driving…..
    -Nick–I thought in the UK you just had rival gangs of teens head off on their scooters to brawl in Brighton! (just kidding)
    -Jemi–see today's post! I'm actually surprised we don't hear more horror stories about spring break. It strikes me as one enormous frat party with less clothes!

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