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Extra Time!

I’m a little toasted around the edges this morning, due to the bending of space and time that is otherwise known as ‘Daylight Saving Time ends.’ It’s funny, everyone always talks about how you get an extra hour of sleep, but I alwasy finds myself with an extra hour of day. And yesterday, it felt like I ended up with even more than that. I got up at about ten to five, which felt like ten to six (and at least one clock in the house said it was ten to six). Within an hour–which is pretty fast for me–I was working on the RiP.

I spent almost all morning working on the RiP, and then in the late morning/early afternoon (or maybe it was both at the same time), I got to work in our pantry, trying to reclaim it from mice. I recognize that we have to coexist with ‘wildlife,’ and that in old, leaky Victorian homes like mine, it’s awfully tough to keep them out, but lines have been crossed. Either there’s too many or they’d gotten too comfortable. And maybe our cats did more to keep them at bay than I ever thought, but as much as the Magpie wants (a) new cat(s), we’re not going there now. Somehow, when I got done* it was only three o’clock, and this after an endless amount of time spent empying, sweeping, vacuuming and washing down with Mr. Clean. I showered, we ate an early dinner (though it felt like dinner at a normal time) and I had the whole evening to work on the RiP again.

I’m not a fan of the disruption that Daylight Saving Time causes, to be honest. I’ll spend the next three days feeling out of sorts and like Henry in The Time Traveler’s Wife. But at least for one day, it felt like I had plenty of time to do everything I wanted–and needed–to do. The pantry is one step closer to being done, and the RiP is now in the ‘final tweaking’ stage. It should be on its way to Carrie by week’s end.

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

*done as in “Stick a fork in me, I can’t do anymore today” as opposed to “Finished”

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  1. I'm still getting used to living on eastern time, so changing back to standard on the day I flew back from pacific time kind of helped. I still hate the time changes, though and wish they'd just abolish DST.

  2. -Stacy: so that was a net two hour jump ahead, right? That's definitely a strange thing to adjust to!
    -Jemi: it's interesting that it impacts people so differently. Generally, it takes me two to three days to feel 'at home' with the new time regimen.

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