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Monday Musing: Is this necessary?

Hey, folks, as of my usual post time I am, as we used to say in the days of World of Warcraft, AFK–Away From Keyboard. I’ll be traveling home from a weekend away and will almost certainly not feel like posting when I get home. So, here’s an actual advance post of things that caught my eye, either this past week, or some time in the not-so-distant past.

Thing One: Giant Jeff Goldblum statue in London.

Did you see this? It turned up last week. And all I can say is, “Why?”

I have to say, I do find it amusing how he seems to float in the air, like it’s not just a giant Jeff Goldblum statue, but it’s the ghost of a giant Jeff Goldblum statue. I suppose I shouldn’t criticize. On Long Island, where I grew up, we have The Big Duck.

Thing Two: Do we need this level of specificity?

I may have posted this one another time, or I may be confusing this blog with my personal Facebook page. Isn’t “Apple” the default flavor on Applesauce? Like, if it’s not labeled, you just assume it’s apple?

Thing Three: Escape hatch

One of my favorite features on newer cars. Just in case the mob tosses you in the trunk with the intent of putting you in a shallow grave somewhere upstate.

I especially like the way the person is jauntily running away from the car.

That’s all for me for now. Have you ever seen things that don’t seem strictly necessary?

2 Responses

  1. The applesauce made me laugh – going to have to go check if ours is labelled as well! 🙂
    Sad that our world is what it is that we need that last one!
    Enjoy your travels!

  2. Perhaps Canadians understand applesauce better than Americans do. I expect there have been cases where people have accidentally locked themselves in their trunks, so I guess it makes sense.

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