Well, here I am, back to my old habits, it seems. No excuses, I suppose, but I’ll offer some up anyway. Last week’s storm dropped eleven inches or so of some of the wettest, heaviest snow I have ever seen. As I mentioned, it knocked out our power for some 30 hours, and I have […]

Knocked Out

I’m a day later than I normally am in this resurrected blog. Blame April. When I was a kid, I remember hearing that the Inuit people of Alaska and Canada had something like 50 or 80 different words for snow. On Long Island, we had one word–snow, and two types: good packing snow, which you […]

Writing “In”

At various times through this lengthy writing drought I would try, to put a twist on a song from Hamilton, to “write my way in”–instead of waiting for some grisly abomination to kick its way out of the back room screaming, “I’m here, write me!”, just write. Write without a destination in mind. Write without […]

A Cover Story

Some years ago, I was at a local arts center where The Magpie’s high school class was having an open mic event as part of a class project. It was a very enjoyable event with kids displaying their admirable talents (we are fortunate to have some very talented people in this area). After a while […]