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Well, here I am, back to my old habits, it seems. No excuses, I suppose, but I’ll offer some up anyway. Last week’s storm dropped eleven inches or so of some of the wettest, heaviest snow I have ever seen. As I mentioned, it knocked out our power for some 30 hours, and I have now found out that we got off easy, as there are folks around here who were out clear through the weekend. Still, I managed to squeeze out a post last week. I also had to coordinate, run and clean up a pretty large recycling event here, what we are now calling our “Drive Through, Drop Off” recycling event, and that consumed a huge amount brain and body, and was followed by a week with a lot of driving around. So, I just never quite got to this post.

Good news for me is I have managed to squeeze in some writing time, but I’m definitely in a weird place with what still may or may not be an honest-to-God WiP. Something is shaping up there, but it’s still kind of lumpy and mushy and not at all defined. When I’m done with this post I’ll probably have something to eat, another cup of coffee and then sit down and get to work.

Better news? Powerless has been reviewed on Kirkus Reviews! And it’s good! It’s not a starred review, but when the title line next to the image of your book says, “A gripping and thoughtful psychological tale”‘ you did something right, I’d say. You can read the full review here. When I first read it, I audibly gasped and good-cursed (and if you are prone to swearing, you know exactly what I mean). I am quite happy with the review, and I’m starting to think maybe I did something right!

That’s all for now, I hope you all have a pleasant weekend!

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  1. Thanks, Donna! And I hope you get some rain, but not a month’s worth in a day!

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