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Jeff O'Handley

The Doubting Writer Finds His Voice

Information Age?

I thought this was supposed to be the Information Age. Last week, I was given what should have been a relatively simple task: find the names of the managers of about forty stores in the county so that we could send a letter about changes in the great state of New York’s recycling laws. A […]


Last night, following a week that has left me physically drained (and isn’t over yet; I’ve got outdoor, work-related stuff tonight and tomorrow), I collapsed in my chair and popped over to Facebook. Pretty much tops on my list–Facebook apparently having it wasn’t yet time to arbitrarily change my news feed from ‘most recent’ to […]

Information Overload

“Too much of everything is just enough” — I Need A Miracle, John Perry Barlow/Bob Weir At some point in the latter stages of the last century–and trust me, though we are now a decade into the twenty-first century, I still think of ‘the last century’ as meaning the 1800’s–we entered THE INFORMATION AGE. It […]