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Jeff O'Handley

The Doubting Writer Finds His Voice

Musical Monday: Concert!

Having a dog comes with many benefits. The downside? They get old. Our pup is twelve this year, and as she gets older, she gets more neurotic and definitely more entitled. This morning she woke me up at ten past five so I could take her out. But what I think she most wanted was […]

Time to Turn the Radio Back On

There was a time when, upon entering the car, the first thing I’d do is to turn the radio on. Or the tape deck. Or the CD player. What I chose to listen to depended very much on where I was and what I was doing. When I get within range of New York City, […]

Musical Monday: Lake Street Dive

Howdy, all. Well, after an encouraging weekend with temperatures well above freezing, it looks like we’re in for another nasty shot of winter, with the mercury plummeting to near zero again by Thursday or Friday night. This is the tough time of year in climates like this one, where you can see the end of […]