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Jeff O'Handley

The Doubting Writer Finds His Voice

The Disappointing Dome

Once upon a time there were TV shows. These shows aired in 30- or 60-minute blocks of time, once a week, roughly twenty-six times a year between early September and mid-May. They took a few weeks off here and there, for major holidays, and were occasionally pre-empted for special events and other programming. Each week’s […]


So, I watched a good chunk of the 12-12-12 concert Wednesday night. I forgot it was on, to be honest, and only found it when I decided I needed some brain melt time, shortly after 8 PM. I turn on the TV and there’s Bruce Springsteen, looking like he’s the one who should be playing […]

The Day After

Most of you are not going to remember this commercial, because most of you (I think) are too young. I watched too much TV growing up, and have the kind of memory that allows me to remember things like this. I’d almost think it’s a Guy Thing, remembering stupid stuff that is absolutely no use […]

Monday Musing

Good morning, all. Hope you had a pleasant weekend. No super-coherent post today (as opposed to any other time, hah hah), just some random bits and pieces from the brain. *Don’t you just love it when you get a new idea? I was reading a book yesterday afternoon that sparked a line of thought, that […]

Lessons From TV: Breaking Bad

I’m a terrible TV watcher. By that I mean I never keep up. I hear about shows I’d like to watch from somewhere or other, make note of the night, time and station, and then forget all about it until the day after it airs. I’m always behind. Of course, Netflix and Amazon and On […]