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The Doubting Writer Finds His Voice

What if…?

Here’s a bad old joke I remember: A man walks up to a woman in a bar. He introduces himself and asks, “If I paid you a million dollars, would you go to bed with me?”The woman considers the question, and then says, “Yes.”The man then asks, “Well, if I paid you five dollars, would […]

Casting Call!

Yesterday, the white stuff fell for the first time this year, amassing a whopping less than half an inch. My wife is grumbling. I point out that last year, the school had to burn a snow day before the month of October was out, so we’re ahead so far (technically, we’re even with last year, […]

Monday Musings

In case you’re not already aware of it (and aren’t a reader of blogs belonging to Carrie Butler, Lisa Regan, or Melodie Wright, this week they are running …. and I jumped in with an entry (Fool! What have you done?). However, I’m not ready to run mine today, so it will have to wait, […]

Back on the Platform Again

A few years back, I had the following conversation with a friend of mine, who was considering selling his house in order to get a larger one for his expanding family. Him: “They’re [real estate agents] telling me my house is worth $400,000. You’ve been in my house, Jeffo. You know it’s not worth $400,000!”Me: […]

I Don’t Like Mondays

(Actually, I really don’t have anything against Mondays) When I was in my teens, radio wasn’t quite like it is today, where everything feels so compartmentalized and genreficied (I think I just made that up). Sure, you had stations that were rock, and stations that were country, and stations that were dance and new wave, […]

Epically Bad

In 1982, one of the greatest rock bands of all time, The Who, announced that it was over. They put out one last album (It’s Hard) and toured North America, culminating in a concert in Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens in December. The tour brought them to New York for two nights at Shea Stadium. Given […]

A Note of Explanation…

…for why this is what it is. I admit it, I am a fan of so-called ‘Seat of the Pants’ writing, or, as it’s frequently-called on Absolute Write: Pantsing. I hate that phrase, not because it isn’t accurate (it is), but because of the way the word looks and sounds. Pantsing. Pantser. It looks ugly […]

The Platform Thing

About a week ago, Nancy Thompson wrote on her blog about…well, blogging, and how tiring it had become. She started her blog because she’d read that it was important for writers to ‘establish a platform’, and blogging was a means of doing that. But the blog thing is wearing her down, and Nancy finds herself […]

Musical Monday

It’s turned out to be a rather difficult weekend for a number of reasons, and a tough start to what will likely be a tough week. So, here’s a grainy, poor-quality video clip from 1976. I’ve been singing (badly) this song to myself all last week and through the weekend. Enjoy.