And Another New Year

Happy New Year to all of you, whether you’ve already celebrated because you’re on the other side of the world or not. I hope 2013 is good to you and brings you all you hope for in life. This is, of course, the time when we reflect on what we’ve done, set our goals for […]

Snow Day

And who gets to shovel all that? Blog closed. Sorry, guess I should have made that announcement before you made the drive over, huh? Reminds me of the time I took the Magpie and Catbird down to the bus stop. We crunched our way over the ice-covered lawn, and slid down the ice-slicked street, and […]

Musical Monday: The Christmas Song

What a voice that man had. I think, when I was a kid, I actually liked Christmas Eve better than Christmas itself. It was just so full of excitement and anticipation, but there was more to it than just that. For whatever reason, my family didn’t decorate our Christmas tree until Christmas eve. I don’t […]

Author Interview: Lisa L. Regan

Well, I figure I woke up and found the world still here this morning, so it’s going to be a good day. Christmas is nearly upon us (and from the looks of things, we may have snow on the ground for it for the first time in a couple of years), the Magpie is now […]

Sucky First Drafts

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that the first draft of anything sucks.* This ‘truth’ is a great comfort to writers who read their first drafts and want to tear their hair out. “Oh, this sucks!” they scream, while dragging their poor monitor to the window, as if it’s the monitor’s fault. But then they […]


So, I watched a good chunk of the 12-12-12 concert Wednesday night. I forgot it was on, to be honest, and only found it when I decided I needed some brain melt time, shortly after 8 PM. I turn on the TV and there’s Bruce Springsteen, looking like he’s the one who should be playing […]

Musical Monday: John Lennon

John Lennon was really my first hero of rock and roll. As a kid I didn’t really latch on to any one particular performer. We had our Partridge Family records, of course, and I remember playing Don McLean’s American Pie over and over for a  while (and it was a single, so it faded out […]

Who Are We Trying to Reach?

On Wednesday, my friend Nancy Thompson made her monthly Insecure Writers Support Group post. She’s published now, but admitted to feeling a bit of a letdown. Part of it, I’m sure, is the physical reaction to the go-go-go that was her blog tour and the high of being able to go to Amazon and Barnes […]

Finding Claire Fletcher Launches!

Since starting this blog nearly two years ago, I have met many wonderful people. It’s strange to think of people you’ve never seen face-to-face, or never even spoken to in a normal conversation, as friends, but there are a number of you I feel that way about. It brings me great pleasure to announce that […]

Monday Musing: Captcha Gone Crazy!

Is it me, or has Captcha gotten a bit … out of hand lately? Captcha, in case you’re not familiar with it, is the verification code you have to enter in order to comment on some blogs, or register for certain websites. I always assumed it was just a jazzy way of saying ‘capture’, but […]