Amazon Buys Goodreads

Big news from the world of books yesterday: Amazon Buys Goodreads. Surprised? No need to be. Companies buy things all the time. And, before you freak and think, “My Goodreads has been poisoned!” keep in mind that this happens all the time in the business world. Everybody owns something else, or is owned by something […]

Musical Monday: Bell Boy

We listened to a bit of The Who’s 1973 rock opera, Quadrophenia last night as we came home from dropping the Magpie back off at college. Spring break went fast! So here’s a snippet of a 1974 concert of the band performing Bell Boy. Gotta love Keith Moon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a […]

A Simple Question

…but perhaps not a simple answer. When reading a book, if you are not specifically told or given really obvious clues to a character’s race, what do you see, and why? I’ll go ahead and say it, when I read, white is the skin color I see. I’m white. I’ve lived most of my life […]

Monday Musing

This and That from the weekend * After a full week of crummy weather, the skies around here finally opened up enough last night to allow me to see Comet Pan-STARRS. I won’t go so far to call myself an amateur astronomer, but I have a slightly-more-than-passing interest in the heavens. I think it’s pretty […]

Author Interview: Carrie Butler

I’m pleased to have Carrie Butler with us today. Carrie was one of my first followers, and her blog, So, You’re A Writer, has long-been a place I go to learn and laugh—and, on occasion, talk about hockey. Carrie just joined the ranks of the published with her New Adult Paranormal Romance, Strength, featuring me […]

Musical Monday: The Mowgli’s

Lynne Truss is no doubt having conniptions over the apostrophe in this band’s name. The Mowgli’s. It feels like an incomplete sentence, doesn’t it? The Mowgli’s…what? Song? Tour? Album? Position on this whole sequestration thing? I don’t know. What I DO know is I’m feeling a bit in need of a pick-me-up this Monday morning, […]

Dear Diary

We’re having snow today, a decent storm that may or may not close schools. I haven’t ventured outside yet, but it looks to be around four inches or so. A plow just came down our street, which now looks pretty clear, as does the main road. So, although five districts in our county are currently […]

A Pen Post

I’m feeling a heck of a lot better than I did last week. I’ve left the house a few times (more important, I felt the need for a shower. Though I still can’t smell myself, I couldn’t run the risk of anyone else smelling me), including going to my writer’s group yesterday. Physically, I’m feeling […]


Wow. Just…wow. It’s been about five years since I’ve been sick like this. During that time, most of the stuff that runs through the house strikes me a glancing blow. I’ll lose a little energy, maybe have a bit of a runny nose or sore throat (yeah, you probably didn’t really need the runny nose […]