A Reminder…

…of what Memorial Day is about. Photo by Francisco Diez Thank you to those who have and are serving.

Break Time

I’ve been toeing this line for some time, now. I sit here and struggle to come up with a post, or I spend some time during the week working on the beginnings of posts, then find myself on Monday or Friday mornings ripping my hair out to finish it off properly. At those moments, I […]

Oh, forget it

I have a couple of posts in various stages of completion, but nothing complete enough to whip out and finish today. I really need to start getting ahead of this game again. Here, have some Tom Petty: On a good note, The Magpie is now home for the summer following a very successful freshman year […]

Shameless Plug Day!

Self-promotion has never been something I’m especially good at. I’m just not overly-comfortable touting myself. Still, here goes: I’m thrilled to say that my short story, Last Man Standing, has been selected for the Summer’s Edge anthology, coming soon from Elephant’s Bookshelf Press—Woohoo! The theme behind the anthology is the short-term relationship, “a love or […]

The Playoff Beard

The NHL playoffs are almost two weeks old, and you know what that means: playoff beards! Yes, this is the time of year when the majority of NHL players whose teams are still in the hunt for the Stanley Cup stop shaving. By the time NHL Evil OverlordCommissioner Gary Bettman passes the Cup to the […]

Monday Musing: Facebook Party!

I will occasionally post something on my FB page titled, “How Not To Use Facebook, #[insert made up number between 1 and 1000 here] In A Series”, and link to a news item where someone does something stupid with Facebook. Like this. I do this as a reminder that the things you put out there […]

Jason Collins

It’s finally happened. As reported in multiple places earlier this week, Jason Collins became the first active player in a major North American team sport to announce he’s gay. Big cheers to Jason Collins. It’s a brave move for Collins, and a sign of how far we’ve come in terms of acceptance in my lifetime. […]