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The Doubting Writer Finds His Voice

And It’s Over

Last night saw the final episode of Breaking Bad, a show I heard about for two, three years before I finally gave in and started watching it, a show that I found to be a complete, grab-you-by-the-throat experience. In its five season run, I don’t think I ever found myself thinking, “Well, that episode was […]

Didn’t I Write This Already?

The problem with being a writer like me is that, upon re-reading my manuscripts, I find places where I repeat myself. A character may make a statement in chapter 1, and then she makes the same statement in chapter 5. I suspect this happens because my little old subconscious thinks this statement is really important. […]

Musical Monday: “New”

For once, some new music, though it’s from an old source, and has a very familiar sort of sound. Kind of appropriate for our first full day of a new season. I love fall. One of the things that’s so great, aside from the colors, is how much everything seems to change from day to […]

Bits and Pieces for a Friday

It’s Friday morning, and I’m once more not ready with a well-organized, deeply thought out topic. I have ideas, mind you, but I don’t have as much time during the week as I used to so it all kind of gets put off and we end up with this sort of loose collection of nonsense. […]

A Quote

“The Beatles haven’t got any magic you haven’t got.”–John Lennon It’s easy to be discouraged by the works of others. “I’ll never turn a phrase like that one,” you think. “I wish my descriptions were as lush and full.” When we read a finished product, those phrases, those descriptions, those characters seem so natural, so […]

Still The Same

First, some music, taking you way back to 1978….     Wow, I haven’t been into Bob Seger since…well, I’ve never really been into him all that much; I liked few of his songs when I was younger, but it didn’t take long for songs like Betty Lou’s Getting Out Tonight or Her Strut to […]

Regrets–An Anthology Announcement

In case you haven’t heard, Matt Sinclair and the fine folks at Elephant’s Bookshelf Press are open for submissions for their next anthology. Now, if you’re as observant as I am, you will have noticed a bit of a theme: their first anthology, Spring Fevers, came out in spring of 2012. It was followed by […]

I Don’t Know What To Call It

Last night I found myself for a short time at Anita Sarkeesian’s blog, Feminist Frequency, watching a video about the persistent use of the ‘Damsel in Distress’ trope in video games. Sarkeesian does high quality production on high quality topics, and this was no exception. But I found myself flashing back to a post I […]

Child’s Play

Yesterday morning a post turned up in my Facebook feed from my friend, Lisa Regan, and I consider myself lucky to have seen it, because it’s Facebook, and things get shuffled, ordered and reordered, with no rhyme or reason, kind of like Amazon rankings. At any rate, this was close enough to the top of […]