Yeah, about that…

Hey, remember this? J.K. Rowling wrote it in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Well, I think those times are here. Throughout the primary and campaign season, our President bashed America up and down, calling it a Third World country because the airports are crap, and you can’t walk through a city without getting […]


“I’m not laughing, I’m just befuddled.”–Chuck Todd, Meet the Press, January 22, 2017 This is the game, folks. In case you missed it, the day after his inauguration, President Donald Trump’s Press Secretary, Sean Spicer had has first press conference–and he spent a good portion of the time lying about the size of the crowd […]

Musical Monday: The Clash

Annnnd here we are again. I have the day off, I’ve spent the last two plus hours working on this damn resolution post, and I’ve decided it’s time to pull the plug on it yet again, because I have other things I want to work on today–like the WiP. I suspect part of my problem […]


Well, after extensively drafting my post on Resolution, then running out of time this morning, and spending the last hour post-dinner on it, I’ve decide to… via GIPHY Whoops. Yeah, it’s just one of those days. Maybe next week. For those of you looking for an agent, Agent Carrie posted a little quiz on her […]

The Reading List (The Last)

Good morning, and Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you had a good–and safe–celebration, and I wish you the very best for 2017. I have a thematically-appropriate post on Resolution drafted, but it’s not ready enough this morning and I’m not prepared to craft it into perfection this morning; instead, I give […]