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No Regrets

NOTE: This post is actually not about EBP’s upcoming anthology, Winter Regrets, which is due out on 2/28, details forthcoming. I don’t follow everyone who follows me, nor do I automatically track commenters back to their own blogs to comment on their posts. “Follow me, I’ll follow you” is a song title (bastardized, I’ll admit), […]

Child’s Play

Yesterday morning a post turned up in my Facebook feed from my friend, Lisa Regan, and I consider myself lucky to have seen it, because it’s Facebook, and things get shuffled, ordered and reordered, with no rhyme or reason, kind of like Amazon rankings. At any rate, this was close enough to the top of […]

World of Warcraft: An Origins Story

Earlier this week, Blizzard Entertainment released the fourth expansion for their hugely-popular World of Warcraft game. Mists of Pandaria adds new levels of gameplay, new race (Panda people!?), a new class, and all kind of other nifty new features. It also marks the first expansion I will not be playing since joining shortly after the […]

A Random Act

As you undoubtedly know, the wonderful Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi of The Bookshelf Muse have been hosting a week-long event to celebrate the release of The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression. They’ve been running giveaways all week, including a companion guide to the thesaurus, available as a free download. Best of […]

B-17: An Origins Story

I’ve already told you about my illustrious start in writing back in the fall during the Origins blogfest, how my sixth grade teacher gave us an assignment that just set me on fire. I believe I’ve also said, in an early post that I can’t find (or maybe it was in Origins, also), how I […]


One day Allen Foster and his friends Billy Jorgenson, Laura Cummings, and Mary Sandoff were driving to Centerpoint when Billy said, “We’re almost out of gas.” “Oh, great!” Allen said with a look of disgust on his face. “We’ll be stuck out here in the middle of nowhere! The next town is nearly 15 miles […]