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The Doubting Writer Finds His Voice

The Inner Crowd

Oh my, it’s getting crowded in here. Last week, I had a conversation with Agent Carrie about my last project. As you may (or may not; I can’t recall if I shared this or not) know, at the beginning of summer, said last project went out on submission. Generally speaking, I adhere to the policy […]

The NaNo Train is Rolling

And I’m not on it. Again. As it turns out, given the way my yearly writing calendar works (not that I really have one), I don’t always seem to have a draft to produce when November rolls around. This year, I fully expected to either be A) somewhere in the publication process for one of […]

Hope in Rejection

A day + late, shame on me. Knowing my schedule was going to be bad this week, I had this post *mostly* written out by Thursday, but my organization’s board meeting on Thursday kept me out late, and then I had to deal with a dead cat and having to tell my child about said […]

Weekend Update: Chestnut Edition

And so it begins. The kids are clamoring for back-to-school stuff, and, in the Magpie’s case, off-to-Japan stuff. They know how fast the next two, three weeks will go. The Catbird starts cross country practice today, the Magpie heads over the ocean (actually, we looked at the flight path; she spends very little time actually […]

On Rushing

Back in the long ago, shortly after I started this blog, I made a vow: I wouldn’t be that guy. You know the type—the one that, after he gets the agent, is constantly playing The Agent card. Kind of like this: I haven’t had an agent very long, and I’ve done fairly well, so far, […]

Regrets–An Anthology Announcement

In case you haven’t heard, Matt Sinclair and the fine folks at Elephant’s Bookshelf Press are open for submissions for their next anthology. Now, if you’re as observant as I am, you will have noticed a bit of a theme: their first anthology, Spring Fevers, came out in spring of 2012. It was followed by […]