This post today is coming pretty much straight off the top of my head. I’m shooting from the hip. Working without a net. Pick your metaphor, whichever you like. I hadn’t intended to take a Christmas blogging break, but in truth, I haven’t been thinking a whole lot about the blog this week. No big […]

Merry Christmas

Thanks for coming and taking a look around, reading my ramblings, and having something to say back. I’d love to say this is my own photo, but I’ve given up taking pictures of my Christmas tree. They never come out right, the lights are always all blurry and jumpy. Have a great Christmas, or just […]

O! Tannenbaum

So, who does it? If you put up a Christmas tree in your house, who gets the job of putting the lights on it? Growing up, it was always my father. Now, it’s mine. Every year I swear that this is the worst job I’ve ever done on the lights. Ever. Seriously, I think this […]

Feel Good Friday, a Pseudo-Blog Hop

When I got my MS back from an excellent reader, I scanned the pages looking for red ink, exhilarated and terrified at the same time. I tingled when I saw positives like “Great imagery!” “Hah, that’s great” or “I like how you…” I cringed at the negatives, but it was more reflexive than anything. In […]

Musical Monday: In Dreams

Something frequently listed on Absolute Write as a moment that ‘makes you want to throw the book against the wall’ is the dream sequence. You know, where Our Hero has a dream of such clarity and significance that he wakes up with a perfect understanding of his problem. “Rubbish!” says the reader – or, at […]

The Back Room

I sometimes think of my brain as being like one of these big, old Victorian houses. The kind of house that has rooms off of rooms, nooks and crannies everywhere, and a surprise around every corner. I love houses like that; they fascinate me, and the brain is every bit as complicated as some of […]

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Eight years ago, my family and I movedto our current abode here in the frequently-frozen hills of central New York. A couple-three weeks (as they say up here) after that we had a chimney sweep come in. We wanted to use the fireplace (it was March, and still cold), but had no idea how long […]

Movies to Books

As a kid, I didn’t realize that many – maybe even most – movies were adapted from books. The first time I really became aware of this was around the time I was ten, and saw the movie, Jaws. We saw it in the theaters. After seeing the action-packed, tension-filled production of Jaws on the […]