Sad Song Blogfest

Hey, I was almost all set, putting finishing touches on a post for this week, when I came across this at Jemi Fraser’s blog. I thought, why not? I didn’t even know it was happening until today, but it apparently originated with L. Diane Wolfe. And if I’m wrong, please correct me. So, without further […]

Musical Monday: The Cover Story

The Way Back Machine is going all the way to 1962 for this one, a hit for Bo Diddley, written by Willie Dixon. “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Do you remember learning that? That little lesson goes back about as far as I can remember. We learned it in school. We learned […]

Sleep Deprivation

Image by Arndt Nollau That about sums up how I’m feeling right now. On several occasions in my life I’ve had the pleasure of working the Graveyard Shift. Working overnights can really screw around with your body, and there are some interesting physiological reactions that occur in the depths of the night when your body’s […]

Bye-Bye, Britannica

Big publishing news last week, which I’m sure you’ve all heard by now: Encyclopaedia Britannica will no longer produce a printed edition. We do not have a set of in my house, thankfully. I say ‘thankfully’ only because we’ve moved so many times. Books are a bitch to move in general, and those things weigh […]


“Hey! What are you going to do when you hit one?” Years ago, when I worked in a visitors’ center in Central Park’s north end, a coworker looked out the window and saw three boys a hundred or so feet away. The boys were on the edge of the lake and they were throwing rocks. […]


First off I apologize for the weirdness that was this blog last week. Thank you for your kind comments and your patience, I hope that won’t happen again. I can tell you this, March has become a month that is not enjoyed in this house in general. Over the last eight years March has brought […]

Taking a Break

This is probably the worst possible time to do this. The blog has been picking up steam. I’m getting more views, the followers are coming in (welcome to you all!), more comments. One of the most important things to do as a blogger is to be consistent. If you’re posting twice a week, post twice […]

Another One of Those Days…

In my case, there’s two kinds of blog posts: those that I plan and write and rewrite and agonize over, and those that just sort of spill out of my head and onto the page. Make it three kinds of blog posts. When the planning and agonizing over hours and days just isn’t ready on […]