Grey Area–Or Is It Gray?

I’m an American. I was born here, raised here, and, except for a week in Nova Scotia, a weekend at Niagara Falls, and two weeks in the Virgin Islands, I’ve never set foot outside the United States. I like some British television (Dr. Who; Monty Python, and yes, Downton Abbey, though I’m hopelessly behind), and […]

Digital Footprints

I heard this story–Keeping Track of Your Digital Footprints–yesterday, courtesy of our local NPR station. It’s about four minutes long, though the most important information comes in the first 3 or so. Check your settings, folks; pay attention to the information you’re putting out there when you upload your photos, etc. That is all for […]

50 Ways….

Remember that old Paul Simon song, 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover? What’s that, you don’t? Oh, right, of course not, you’re too young. Well, it was  a hit for Simon back in the mid-70s, which is why most of you DON’T remember it, but through the magic of the internet, you can see it […]

Monday Musing: Print Only

© Jorge Royan / Almost as soon as I announced my intention to take a short break from the blog, I saw/read/heard things that made me say, “Oh! I’ve got to blog about that!” Naturally. But I’d broken too many promises in the past, too often I’d written, “Hey, on Friday, I’m going to…” and never […]

Selling Fun

“Never forget, we sell fun.” That quote comes from a character in Joyland, Stephen King’s most recent book. Released earlier this month, the book is notable in part because King has decided not to release it as in print only, at least for now. That decision is actually the subject for another post, another day. […]

Monday Musing: Nibbling Away at Yog’s Law

I think I’ll be leaving now, thank you. You know about Yog’s Law, don’t you? Sure you do. Yog’s Law, coined by James D. MacDonald, is the principle that states, “Money flows toward the author.” We are told, time and again, that if an agent asks for a ‘reading fee’, run. If a publisher asks […]

Aberrant? Oh, You Betcha

Congratulations to Lisa L. Regan on the arrival of her second book, Aberration, born yesterday to already strong reviews! I’m looking forward to getting hold of this one, it promises to be an enjoyable read, in that strange way that suspense is enjoyable. Rather than do any sort of blog tour, Lisa decided to do […]

Sports Narratives

Hey, a guy could get used to this. Sitting back, cool, salt-tinged breeze, cold drink at hand—yeah, it would be easy to just send a postcard back that says, “You know, I’ve decided to stay. So long, and thanks for all the fish.” Of course, that ignores the fact that, within about three minutes of […]