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The Doubting Writer Finds His Voice

In search of judgment

The greatest gift for every writer is judgment–Obari Gumba  Back in December, Agent Carrie and I had our annual strategy session, where we set the course for the upcoming year. One of the things Carrie wanted me to do, once I was finished writing the first draft of the WiP, was to take a new […]

Weekend Update

Good Monday morning to you, I hope you’re all well. I did not pre-prepare a post for today–this may be me slipping back into my scrambling habits of “Oh, crud, it’s blog day! What do I post?”, or it just may be an aberration. Time will tell. I was going to say, not a lot […]

Love and Hate (of my words)

It is a sentiment held by many that familiarity breeds contempt. Indeed, there is plenty of reason for this to hold true. Quite often, a person we admire someone from afar turns out to be a total jerkwad when we get to know them. It’s a bit of a letdown, to say the least. I […]

Some Numbers for Friday

This post was inspired by a recent thread on Absolute Write. It’s already sunk to page 2 or 3 of the forum threads, so I won’t link it here. Let’s throw out a few numbers, just for fun: 41       239       5.8335       307       8.7728       367      13.11 This ‘table’ shows the chapter count, total manuscript pages, and […]

Monday Musing

Assorted, random bits from my brain: -Well, it happened. The Magpie turned 20 this weekend, so now I can no longer say, “I have two teenage girls.” Welcome to Wistful, enjoy your stay. – All day Friday, the National Weather Service repeated the following: “Overnight lows of five above zero.” I woke up Saturday morning […]


IN Honor of the recent airing of the Dr. Who 50th Anniversary special, I’m going back in time. This is what I wrote Saturday morning, November 23 on the calendar for those keeping score at home. It was going to run on Monday, but I had a breakthrough shortly after putting these words to paper, […]

Weekend Updates

Nothing especially organized about today’s post, just the ramblings of a confused mind still waiting for his first cup of coffee. – The high school musical was this weekend, an ambitious one this year: “Les Mis.” 2-1/2 months of often grueling rehearsals (the directors of the musical for the past six years in our school […]

Tag, etc.

First, my apologies to all of you. I know you sat around all day waiting for my usual Friday post. Workplace productivity suffered, the market took a tumble, men and women beat their breasts and tore their hair….Or not. Anyway, because I never quite pre-write as much as I want, so that posting is a […]

Still The Same

First, some music, taking you way back to 1978….     Wow, I haven’t been into Bob Seger since…well, I’ve never really been into him all that much; I liked few of his songs when I was younger, but it didn’t take long for songs like Betty Lou’s Getting Out Tonight or Her Strut to […]

The Tipping Point

I’m an early riser. Some years ago, faced with a long commute, I started rising around 5:30 in the morning, which was earlier than I really needed to be up. I like to have time to ease into the day, have a couple of cups of coffee, maybe something to eat. When I stopped commuting […]