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The Doubting Writer Finds His Voice

Goldenrod and cross-promotion

I’m going soft today. I’m been working up to something bigger,something more outraged, as the result of yet another maddening meme I saw on Facebook this weekend, but I’m not quite ready to go there and I don’t want to start my week off with aggravation. Instead, we’ll go with something a little more “feel […]

Being Heard Over the Band

A week ago tomorrow (no, that’s not awkward at all, is it?), we ran an event. Let me first say it went pretty well overall, thank you all for your comments and best wishes. Let me also add that I barely got through this week. Monday afternoon, I felt the scratchy throat coming. On Tuesday, […]

Extendo Characters

This post was originally conceived back at the beginning of July. For some reason I kept putting it off, and off, and off–hopefully not because I knew on some level it was a bad idea! Authors do a lot of things to promote their books. We see those efforts played out in the blogosphere with […]

And We’re Out!

Breaking with my usual posting schedule to point out the anthologies, Summer’s Edge and Summer’s Double Edge (featuring my short, Last Man Standing) are now available from Elephant’s Bookshelf Press! Featuring 25 stories about short-term relationships from gifted writers (and familiar names from the blogosphere) such as Cat Woods, Mindy McGinnis and Jean Oram, and […]

We Interrupt This Silence

I try not to break with my Monday-Friday posting schedule, because I know how we all like routine. A break from routine is upsetting, and I don’t want to upset you–or me, for that matter. Still, I figure this is worth a break in the routine. Last night, Matt Sinclair, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer […]

Shameless Plug Day!

Self-promotion has never been something I’m especially good at. I’m just not overly-comfortable touting myself. Still, here goes: I’m thrilled to say that my short story, Last Man Standing, has been selected for the Summer’s Edge anthology, coming soon from Elephant’s Bookshelf Press—Woohoo! The theme behind the anthology is the short-term relationship, “a love or […]