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The Doubting Writer Finds His Voice

Glow Puck is back!

Twenty-two years ago, the National Hockey League’s broadcasting partner, Fox, broke out a technology that would revolutionize the game. After much work with the league to be sure puck integrity wasn’t harmed, a micro-chip was embedded in the puck, allowing the puck’s speed and (almost) exact path to be tracked; further, it allowed the guys […]

Droning On and On

When I was a kid, one of the coolest things anyone could get was a free-flying, radio controlled (RC) airplane. No one I knew had one, but I recall one of my friends was building a model airplane (one of those made out of a forest of balsa wood, covered in tissue paper) that he […]

The Inescapable Cellphone

Back at the beginning of May, I worked with a group of 9 girls from one of the local colleges, organizing a clean-up along the trail at a local state forest. It was part of an effort called “Into the Streets,” where teams of students go off and do community service projects throughout the area. […]

Spritzy Spritz

Did you all see this? By now, you probably have, but in case you haven’t yet, check out this little article here. Go ahead, I’ll still be here when you get back. So, what did you think? At 250 words per minute, I did pretty well. I was aware of a dropped word here […]

Disqussion Stymied

Lately, I’ve been feeling unwanted. Don’t worry, this is not another, “My query isn’t getting anywhere” post. And it’s not to complain about how no one is reading this blog, because a lot of you are—or at least you’re stopping here. I have no idea how many of you are really reading anything, but at […]

Digital Footprints

I heard this story–Keeping Track of Your Digital Footprints–yesterday, courtesy of our local NPR station. It’s about four minutes long, though the most important information comes in the first 3 or so. Check your settings, folks; pay attention to the information you’re putting out there when you upload your photos, etc. That is all for […]

Give The People What They Want

Ahh, The Kinks must have had a “Low Budget” for videos when they filmed that one…. Several weeks ago, a bit of a hubbub broke out on Absolute Write concerning author Elle Lothlorien, who brazenly flouts the ‘never respond to a bad review’ convention by, well, responding to bad reviews. She takes a ‘customer service’ […]

The Book of the Future

“Can it core a apple?” “Oh, it can core a apple!” Those lines come from a classic episode of The Honeymoonerstitled “Better Living Through TV.” In it, Ralph buys time during a movie broadcast and appears as The Chef of the Future, presenting a tool—The Handy Housewife Helper—that will revolutionize the kitchen, a tool that […]