Monday Musing

Thus ends Hell Week, with a three-hour car ride ahead of me to visit folks we haven’t seen in some time, which will be nice, except for the expected rain. When I return, the crowds that packed the area for the baseball Hall of Fame’s induction weekend should have subsided–it was pretty crazy, let me […]

This is Plus Size?

This is the end of the second straight WEEK FROM HELL, which is at the tail of the MONTH FROM HELL. It’s not that things have been bad, just…busy. Really, really busy. I’ve got to be out early today and tomorrow, and then things ease off a bit. I came downstairs, made some coffee and […]

Monday Musing: It’s a Number

People love anniversaries and birthdays and milestones. We also attach special significance to certain numbers: 1–first anniversary, first birthday, one year in business. 10 because, well, 10! For that matter, anything that ends in a zero or a five. And of course, the quarters: 25, 75, and the real biggies: 50. 100. We really get […]


Last night, following a week that has left me physically drained (and isn’t over yet; I’ve got outdoor, work-related stuff tonight and tomorrow), I collapsed in my chair and popped over to Facebook. Pretty much tops on my list–Facebook apparently having it wasn’t yet time to arbitrarily change my news feed from ‘most recent’ to […]

The Day After…

…the day after is a total bear. At least it is for me, in this particular instance. On Saturday we did a work event, an outdoor festival celebrating the importance of our region’s water resources (specifically, lakes). Much of last week was spent working out the final logistics of tent placement and such, packing everything […]

Tipper Stickers

Some time ago, Alec Baldwin and Kristen Wiig appeared in a Saturday Night Live sketch about two people carpooling for the first time. Their conversation starts out awkward, as can happen when people who don’t know each other find themselves in a confined space. It quickly takes a turn for the worse: Wiig: So, it […]

Weekend Update

Good Monday morning to you, I hope you’re all well. I did not pre-prepare a post for today–this may be me slipping back into my scrambling habits of “Oh, crud, it’s blog day! What do I post?”, or it just may be an aberration. Time will tell. I was going to say, not a lot […]

Here’s the full text. Enjoy your weekend.