Musical Monday: Me and My Uncle

Whoa, how did it get to be Monday already? I’m not ready.Going back for more coffee. Have some music. Me and My Uncle was written by “Papa” John Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas. Phillips was apparently mystified when he started receiving royalties for the song from Judy Collins’ record company. Turns out he […]

A(nother) Matter of Perspective

Many years ago, a friend told me something his little cousin said whenever someone called the kid a drip. ‘Drip’ is not big on earth-shattering scale of insults, at least not now; even then, it was pretty uncommon. Still, I guess the kid heard it enough that he had this pat phrase, just in case: […]

Monday Musing

I missed my regularly-scheduled posting time last week. Work was busy, with a huge project deadline looming. On the home front, there were 3 things last week happening in the evening hours. When I had nothing on Friday morning, I thought, “I’ll do it tonight,” but we had a meeting that kept me out, then […]

Weekend Update

Greetings, all. This will likely be a short post today. -Big news for me, one of my betas sent me back my latest last night. Funny how it is, she made two very raving (in a good way) comments on Facebook over the last couple of weeks, and the first line of the e-mail (which […]


It’s funny what happens sometimes when you read other people’s blogs. Earlier this week I was commenting on a post on Krista Van Dolzer’s blog and started thinking, “Hmm,  that can be a post”–and now it is. Whether it should be or not is another question. Krista was writing about a feeling of “meh”  that […]

Weekend Update–Chestnut Edition!

It is spring. So says the calendar, anyway; the weather is not quite so sure. However, we’ve had a lot of water in the streets and in the creeks this past week, and there is some greenery to be had. The growing season is not quite upon us, but I thought it was time to […]

Word Nerd Friday: Bogart

The other night at dinner a word popped up into my head, a word I haven’t used in a while I don’t know where it came from, I don’t know why I thought of it, but there it was. The word was Bogart, as in Humphrey Bogart, legendary star of movies like The African Queen, […]